Dragon's Back

Our legs, knees and joints were in for a good workout Friday morning as we joined the walking group for a three hour hike at The Dragon's Back near Shek O. We were on the slow end and got ourselves slightly lost at the peak of the trail. Nothing too alarming. A nice local fellow guided us back to the junction, which by the way did not have a sign indicating the exit of the trail. When most people think of Hong Kong, they do not associate it with nature, hiking and a detailed trail net. We are certainly hooked and will join the walking group again next Friday.

We spent the better part of last week planning our upcoming trip around South East Asia. Wednesday was all bureaucracy, applying for visas for China. We will pick up our passports on Monday and walk right over to the Vietnamese visa office and repeat the process. Each visa takes 4-5 days. We are planing a train trip though South East China to Hanoi in Vietnam. Without getting into too much detail we will be in Vietnam for a couple of weeks, then Cambodia and Thailand. We will return to Hong Kong for a few days at the end of March and after a quick stop in Copenhagen continue on to Canada in April.