Nha Trang

Nha Trang, on Vietnam's most Eastern coast, is a beach resort town where and we planned a six night stay. The idea was to catch up on some beach time, relax, blog and to slow down after a busy couple of weeks in China, Hanoi and Cat Ba Island. Well planned us, goals accomplished. We also both had minor stomach issues for a couple of days, maybe the heat or the food or a combination of both. Perfect to have some time to re-charge.

Accommodation in Nha Trang has been at Annie's Home Stay, a nice Airbnb, a five minute walk from the beach. It is run by a lovely family, who have the cutest two year old daughter, Annie and an adorable puppy, named "Round". Round greeted us eagerly every time we passed through the lobby and Di tried to teach Annie "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and ever so slowly won her over. The weather has been mostly overcast with temperatures in the mid twenties, surprisingly pleasant. We borrowed bikes from the Airbnb on Monday and took in some of the sites. It is a great way to explore a city and with the crazy traffic here it was quite exhilarating. The sun came out yesterday for a few hours in the afternoon while we were at the beach.

For those of you having a rough work week, do not read the following paragraph!

Our last day here, we set out this morning to partake in a 5 hour Vietnamese Mud Bath / Spa Experience including a chocolate massage, mud bath, mineral bath, foot massage, lunch and pool time. I found the chocolate/mud massage a bit weird but the rest was awesome. Tomorrow we fly out to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).