Rawai Beach Fishing

There was an air of excitement on the plane as we approached Phuket, Thailand. The like-minded sun seekers in the seats around us were leaning towards the windows spotting the beaches and islets below, wide grins on their faces. We were no different.

Our friendly driver was waiting outside the terminal with a sign with our names on it. The vast differences from Cambodia and Vietnam were immediately visible on the drive across the island to the south end of Phuket. Summed up in one short sentence; this part of Thailand is much richer with fancy cars, a well maintained highway network, brand name stores and much to my surprise hardly any countryside to admire on the hour long drive.

I am grateful we had done our research as to where to stay and which areas to avoid. The south end of the island is quaint and cozier compared to the rather touristy Patong Beach on the mid island west coast. We spent six days beach hopping and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere at our hotel. We rented a scooter and picked a new beach each day. Having the scooter was so much fun and gave us a tremendous sense of freedom. As I wrote in an Instagram post from Cambodia, riding a scooter makes you feel eighteen all over again and for a brief moment navigating the curvy roads and viewing the beaches from the view points gave me a rush I would compare to the times in our early twenties when we would drive around British Columbia from ski resort to ski resort spotting the ski runs from the road. Our favourite beaches, Kato and Karon Beech, had the greenest, warmest and cleanest water and waves which knocked us both over a couple of times. Despite our adventurous reputation, we visited our favourite French bistro “Chez Nous” five out of our six days on the island for the best coffees and baguette sandwiches.

Needing a break from constantly looking for scenes to shoot, I left my camera in the hotel safe for almost the entire duration of our Phuket stay. I travelled light and relied on the iPhone to do the job. The one time I did take out the camera was for a sunset walk at Rawai Beach. After sunset the kids were out playing. It was low tide and the game was; let's pretend we are fishermen.