Ko Yao Yai

As the speedboat left Ko Yao Yai this morning I looked at Di and we both smiled. We have had six fabulous days on the island, a special time for us. A sense of gratitude was in the air mixed with the anticipation of what next. As I wrote on Instagram yesterday, we feel like yo-yos. We are as far away from home as we will be this time around and leaving the resort is our first step on our way home. Plenty of quiet time to reflect on the past six weeks and our trek through South East Asia. We are so happy we managed visits to China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. In the beginning of January we were contemplating an earlier return to Canada. However rest and time well spent with Sharon and Leighton in Hong Kong allowed us to continue. 

We honestly did not see much of Ko Yao Yai Island except for the Thiwson Beach Resort. Boat trips were offered. A scooter trip around the island was tempting as was snorkling. Instead, we completely slowed down, giving ourselves time to contemplate what we have achieved and time to think about our return to Canada. We felt slightly guilty for not exploring more but at the same time not enough to do anything about it. Our rustic little resort was pristine and we beat FOMO, (fear of missing out). 

We never thought we would say this but we may be a tad drunk on sunshine and the heat has probably resulted in a mild case of sunstroke. Nothing serious. We may have slowed down too much but with temperatures in the high thirties and intermittent thunder storms, slowing down feels like the only option. We are looking forward to more temperate climates but please make sure the snow melts in Canada by April. 

For the last couple of days we had co inhabitants at our cabin. The mother first brought two, then one more and finally a fourth kitten. As cat owners ourselves this was a fun surprise and we were watching their every move the last 48 hours.   

While at Ko Yao Yai I started using the 'Your Story' feature on Instagram. This is way more fun than I had expected and I ended up sharing content I otherwise would not have. I plan to use it more from here on in -@5050travelog.

This post comes to you from the Airport Resort & Spa Hotel near Phuket International Airport. We will crash early tonight. Catch a shuttle to the airport at 1:30 am for a very early 3:45 am departure for Hong Kong. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.