Lucky to Be in Denmark

July 1, 2018

Great to be back in Denmark

There are plenty of reasons why we keep coming back to Denmark. Family, friends, great weather and last but not least, our daughter Emma is in Denmark again with boyfriend Simon after travelling in Asia, India, The Middle East and Europe for the past 5-6 months. Check Simon's Flickr via the link to see photos. 

Our connecting flight to Billund Denmark was delayed in Reykjavik, Iceland for 3 and a half hours. On account of the delay we were offered a free meal and later attempted a nap in a quiet end of the airport. The constant flight announcements made it tough to get any rest though.

Our original plan was to drive from Billund to Copenhagen but decided Copenhagen was too long of a drive after the long flight and delay. Simon's parents, Kristian and Karen in Assentoft came to the rescue and we stayed there the first night. This also meant we could drop off four large suitcases we brought along for Emma and Simon. We had a warm welcome dinner, a glass of red and then off to an early night. 


Getting Sick while Traveling

July 13, 2018

The first two weeks in Denmark were nothing short of stellar. Lots of visits with friends and family in Copenhagen, Assentoft, Alslev and Aarhus. See photos below. We were on a roll and getting ready to head to my hometown of Lemvig. 

A major speed bump ahead

Di had developed a bit of an ear ache and had trouble swallowing food and drinks. We saw a doctor in Aarhus Monday morning but were quickly dismissed with a; It's nothing really. As we arrived in my hometown of Lemvig, Di was going downhill fast. She stayed in bed with, what we thought was an ear infection. My cousin Vibeke, a physician, was incredibly kind and made a housecall to see Di during her vacation break. Pain killers and antibiotics were prescribed. Wednesday things got worse and Vibeke suggested we go to the hospital to see an emergency doctor. At this point Di had even more trouble swallowing and was developing paralysis on the right side of her face. She could only blink one eye properly had a crooked smile. At this point we were seriously worried. 

This was the start of a weeklong stay in hospital where they had trouble diagnosing Di. It was scary to say the least and a painful time for her. She is out of hospital now and we are recuperating north of Aarhus with our friends Hanne and Jesper. We were at the hospital in Holstebro for five nights and later moved to the hospital in Aarhus for the last two nights. A stroke was ruled out early on and they were almost certain it was lyme disease as a result of a tick bite. The final diagnose however was Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (herpes zoster oticus) which occurs when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve near one of your ears. In addition to the painful shingles rash, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome can cause facial paralysis and hearing loss in the affected ear. 

We saw a hearing specialist yesterday, and luckily her hearing is not impacted. More good news; the facial paralysis is slowly subsiding and a full recovery is anticipated. Di is still tired and it will take several weeks to get back in top shape. We are glad to be out of the hospital and lucky to have friends nearby who take such good care of us. We are bummed we have had to cancel all further travel plans but right now it is not a priority, as you can imagine. Di loves Denmark and it appears she will do almost anything to stay here a bit longer. The plan right now is to stick around as we have a follow up appointment on August 10th. We will be in the Aarhus area, probably for a couple of weeks while Hanne and Jesper are away on vacation. A huge thanks to Alice and Henning for hosting us and helping out during those difficult days in Lemvig. 

We are crossing our fingers and surely our next blog post will be more uplifting. Stay tuned. 


Copenhagen colours


A reminiscent walk by Simon and Emma's old apartment in "Nyboder", Copenhagen


Emma enjoying the obligatory hot dog at Nyhavn


And out came the sun at "Strøget", Copenhagen's famous pedestrian shopping street


Don't drink and drive. Cycle to the pub


A Copenhagen Feeling


Welcome back to Copenhagen, hugs from Nikolai and Malene


Meet up with Nikolai and Malene and introduction to new baby girl. We also had a first introduction to Jonas and Maja's new baby girl, Victoria.


Midsummer nights in Denmark with sunset after 10 pm. Simon's grandmother, Aase, and mother, Karen, take in the flag at the end of the day


Master Barista, Kristian (Simon's dad), roasts his own coffee beans and serves wickedly good cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos


A small market along the pedestrian shopping streets in Randers


Nature hike in Randers


All in awe over the skies at Fjellerup Beach


Søren preparing for Sofie's graduation party in Alslev


Laura and Emilie celebrate Sofie's graduation day


A day of ecological sight seeing with Hanne and Jesper south of Aarhus


Great to see my uncle and aunt, Oluf and Birthe in Studstrup, North of Aarhus


For about a week we enjoyed dinners outside every night. Here with the Byskov families in Studstrup, North of Aarhus


Selfie time with my cousin Uffe


As a kid I visited Lars, Michael and Charlotte in Silkeborg almost every summer. We would visit this favourite spot of mine (Degnebadet). It is a private club, so I had to swim along the lake in order to see it again. Di handed me the camera over the fence so that I could take this quick snap. Definitely one of those spots which are huge in your memory but in reality small in scale. We had such good times here.


Di is thrilled with her choice of lunch during a brief stop in Silkeborg


Another stellar summer day in my hometown, Lemvig


A windy late evening at Bovbjerg on the Danish West Coast


We stayed with Henning and Alice (my uncle and aunt) outside my hometown of Lemvig. They have their own windmill and stunning views of the west coast.


The fields surrounding Henning and Alice's house


I will wrap up this post with a sunset shot over the North Sea in one of the most western parts of Denmark. I estimate the time to be around 10:20 pm.


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