One Day in Turkey

One day in Turkey is not enough!

Updated, July 2019

Spending one night in Bodrum, Turkey

We have said it before and will say it again; It is absolutely amazing what you can experience in one day! Especially if you get up at 3 am to catch a flight from one country to another in order to get to a third. Case in point. Our flight from Tbilisi Georgia to Bodrum Turkey, via Istanbul, departed at 6:05 am. The hotel had arranged a cab for a reasonable fare (about half of what we were quoted at the airport when we arrived). We were early but still surprised to see huge crowds in line for security. The 737 left on time and we arrived in Istanbul at sunrise. Looks like a beautiful city and we hope to explore it one day. For now, we were on route to our Greek island of choice, Symi. Bodrum, located on the Mediterranean Sea, has a twice-weekly ferry to the island.

Missing a flight in Istanbul

The lineup at the passport control in Istanbul was horrendous and we quickly realized we would probably miss our connecting flight unless we jumped the line. They had thirty checkpoints but were only manning three on this busy morning??? Lots of anxious faces in the crowd. We decided it would be a waste of energy to panic as many people seemed to be in the same situation. We did miss our connection but got new boarding passes at the Turkish Airline counter for a flight three hours later. We soothed our souls with a Starbucks as the 3 am start began to take a toll.   

Arriving to Bodrum on The Aegean Sea

The plane to Bodrum, an old beater purchased from Ryan Air, got us to Bodrum safely. Another cab from the airport to our hotel, located within walking distance of the ferry terminal. We had only booked one night as we were anxious to get to Symi to relax. Bodrum was a much larger city than anticipated with hundreds of hotels, countless restaurants, gift shops and cafés. An interesting scene played out at the end of the afternoon as restaurant staff cleared the beach, levelled and cleaned the sand, and then set up dining areas along the entire stretch. I’ve seen restaurants along the beach but never done to this methodical extent.

Hotel in Bodrum?

We stayed at the Çapacı Hotel in Bodrum booked on Expedia. Nightly rate was $CDN 61.20. The hotel was located right on the corniche and was conveniently located close to the ferry terminal. It was nothing to write home about but then again, we were not looking for luxury, so it was okay. Bodrum has a wonderful vibe and we could probably have spent two or three days here taking in the atmosphere. It was very affordable. However, our goal was a quieter, more idyllic, tranquil and original scene. As usual Di had done the research and Symi, Greece seemed to be ticket. An early morning ferry and we were on our way.


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