It's How I Feel

Making the World a Better Place -
One Photo at a Time

This is how I feel
Alone in a paraschute
Not sure where I will land
Not sure what is ahead
I am surrounded by unease
It's how I feel

Let it be no secret the past two years have been dominated by uncertainty and an ever-changing environment for Di and I. Perhaps this is why we are so sensitive to the changing politics in the world. We were confused and alarmed by Brexit and wept on the US election night. To this day we still cannot fathom what is happening. We have lived in Denmark and Canada. Two free countries. We are fortunate to have open borders and we have been able to choose where we will live and travel. The recent events, the promise of the wall, the ban on specific citizens to enter the land of the home and free gives me knots in my stomach. I feel physically sick over the lack of love and understanding. I am also a bit "O'Leary" about what may happen down the road in Canada. I hope the following photos and captures may inspire love and accept of all citizens of this planet. The Mexicans and Muslims are being picked now. Call me a lefty, call me a softy but I find it reprehensible when innocents are targeted.   


A somber sombrero in Mexico. We have visited twice. The Mexicans I have gotten to know spread joy and are a pleasure to be around. Why build walls when you can build bridges.


Amor.... perhaps we can learn something.


Joyful kids in the busy streets of Marrakech, Morocco.


Friendly greetings at the Dubai fish market.


No matter where in the world, our primary goal is to take care of our children and make sure they are safe. We are more alike than we are different.


A friendly gesture or a smile goes a long way.


People sometimes get confused about their place in the world. I often sit back and observe and notice how peaceful it can be.


In sports or religion we don't always root for the same team. Have respect for one another!

A great moment in Vancouver, Canada as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family marched for LGBTQ rights at the Pride Parade.

A great moment in Vancouver, Canada as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family marched for LGBTQ rights at the Pride Parade.


Life can be difficult when you choose to go it alone. Things may get cold, wet and lonely when you exclude yourself.


Team play.

Hand in hand is surely better.

Hand in hand is surely better.


I cannot believe I am apprehensive about visiting the US but that is my current reality. I sincerely hope this will change as hope and love prevail. Some of my very best friends live and work in the US and I love spending time with them. I am actually worried about writing my thoughts as if somehow someone might be watching. Perhaps all the more reason to actually share this. 

I wrote a song back in 2001 after Bush won the election. I may dig it out and post it here (inspired by Patrick LaRoque). This verse and chorus would be as fitting for 2017 as it was sixteen years ago. 

His lines seemed rehearsed
Tired and untruthful
Mechanically, he stood right there before me
He thought that he had won
No one truly believed him
Seriously, He thought he'd be the one

He lied straight to my face
He lied about everything, he thought would be okay
to lie about
Talking to the people
Tell them what they want to hear