Reykjavik and The Blue Lagoon

A quick stop in Reykjavik with a visit to The Blue Lagoon

Iceland Itinerary 5 Days

Staying two nights in Reykjavik

Almost three months of travel were coming to an end and before returning to Vancouver, Canada, we spent a couple of nights at an Airbnb, located about a 15 drive from central Reykjavik. A convenient spot between the airport and the city. It also made for an easy drive to the Blue Lagoon, which we were fortunate to visit on our last night. Wrapping up this leg of 5050 Travelog, we will have a few posts from Iceland coming up in a few days.

A city with Scandinavian flair

Reykjavik was an interesting city to visit and has an unmistakable Scandinavian flair. The city feels remote and yet modern at the same time. We did not come to Iceland to visit Reykjavik but it was an enjoyable experience. To keep our cost in check we shopped at the local grocery store and cooked our meals in the common kitchen in the Airbnb. I think we may have discussed the challenges of getting coffee while on the road in the blog from time to time. Although promised, there was no coffee to be found in the Airbnb. There was however a sign promising free coffee at the neighbourhood coffee shop. At the coffee shop, which didn’t open till 9 am, they had never heard of it but served us a much-needed cup all the same. Great service and we decided to go back the following day and this time paid for our coffees.

Reykjavik city tour

We spent a morning in the city center. Parked by Hallgrímskirkja, the iconic 74.5-metre tall church. We arrived as it opened and after a very short wait toured the clock tower and snapped a view pic or two and then ventured into the quaint and cozy streets. After a short while the sun came out and the photographer was happy as the bright colours of the city really stood out. The center is quite touristy with dozens of gift shops featuring countless Icelandic wool sweaters. Very tempting but we resisted. We warmed ourselves in a nice coffee shop but did not spend more than a couple of hours in the city. We had to get back for our 3 pm time slot at the Blue Lagoon.


Dramatic clouds at The Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon Trip

Almost everyone you talk to, who has been to Iceland, has also visited the Blue Lagoon. The official web site calls it one of the 25 wonders of the world. Located in the middle of a lava field, we were initially underwhelmed. However, upon entering the geothermal springs it was an almost surreal experience. I am usually skeptical when an attraction gets this much attention and ask myself, can it really be that special?

Blue Lagoon Booking

I will admit I found this a very expensive experience but an experience none the less, and one I would not be without. We had received gift cards for fathers and mothers day for the Blue Lagoon from our kids so the sting was not as bad. Our booking was made well in advance and we booked the premium tour which included admission, face masks, towels, slippers, bathrobes as well as a drink in the pool and a dinner reservation. Make sure to check the schedule and book well in advance for the most flexibility for options and availability.

Face masks, drinks and good laughs at the Blue Lagoon

Face masks, drinks and good laughs at the Blue Lagoon


Our Photogallery with Travel Photography from Reykjavik, Iceland


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