The Hills Above Symi

The Hills Above Symi

It is hard to define all of the factors that come together to create a good experience. Let it be no secret that it does not always work out. You may arrive at a destination hoping it will be fantastic only to find a swarm of other tourists. The weather is dull, the light is flat and chances of getting any meaningful or good photos are minuscule.

This was not the case on a magical late afternoon in Symi.

After a good day at the beach I decided to walk into the hills above the village. The sweat was running of my nose in the heat but I was enjoying the solitude and I was in the zone.

The colours, lines and compositions were thrown at me from all angles. It was a maze of alleys and cobblestone streets. I was not sure I was going in the right direction and I often hit dead ends, turned around and continued in another direction. Yellow, blues, pastel colours, golden hour glow.

As I reached the top of the hill I tried to enter a gate to a church. It was locked but an old lady with a huge bundle of keys came towards me and let me in. The views from the top were spectacular. I chased the light until the sun dipped below the ridge to the west.