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Which cameras and lenses are good for travel?

The cornerstone with our 5050 travel project is photography. The goal is to visit 50 countries in the span of 50 months. For more than thirty years Morten has been a self described photo nut. He loves cameras, lenses and editing but most of all capturing the images.

Fujifilm Camera and Lens Reviews For Travel

Camera / Lens Reviews

A closer look at Fujifilm cameras and lenses…

Fujifilm X-Series Camera Reviews - Fujifilm XF Lens Reviews


In this section we will post reviews of cameras and lenses. The main focus will be on gear we would use for travel. This may be gear we already have, or gear we would consider purchasing. Portability is essential but at the same time, we would rather not compromise on quality. We have found the Fujifilm X-Series of cameras and lenses to be solid performers. We are not affiliated with Fujifilm and aim to provide unbiased reviews.


Drop us a line with any questions you may have and feel free to comment below the reviews. We would love to hear from you.

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