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Welcome to our travelog. We are back in Canada. We will be settling in Vancouver as of May 1, 2017 but stay tuned for more travel activities coming up next winter 2017/18.  Check the Archives page to see where we have been so far.  

The main goals for our travels are to experience the world as it is today, to photograph the many wonders, catch up with old friends and hopefully meet new friends along the way. Check the latest post in the Travelog or scroll down for more info on who we are and what we have been up to.


The who and the why

Where do we start? How about 1983 when Diana came to Denmark as an exchange student. Morten was ready with open arms. That's a long story and we will spare you the details of this encounter. Since then we have travelled as much as we could given our work schedules and raising our wonderful children. Our travels have taken us to Norway, Austria, England, Greece, France, Australia, USA, Mexico and Canada. 

Our children have now left the nest, Morten turned 50 in November '14 and Diana is not far behind.. We have itchy feet and that is how the 5050 Travelog idea came about over coffee at Starbucks one day in October 2014. We are planing longer stays in each country with time to re-connect with friends and family. Through short work stays we also hope to meet new friends along the way.    


The cornerstone with this project will be photography. For more than thirty years Morten has been a self described photo nut. He loves cameras, lenses and editing but most of all capturing the images. Since 2002 he has operated his own photography business, mfoto.ca. He is looking forward to the projects ahead. Diana is very patient and good at listening to the ever changing photo bag configurations. She keeps all things on track and looks after all the details - whatever they may be. Together we make quite the team. It is a big change we are undertaking and we are anxious; yet excited to begin this new chapter. All of the positive support and encouragement we have received when we have shared our plans and dreams is life affirming. Thank you. We would be honoured if you would follow along on our journey in the travelog.  

The 5050 Travelog logo is a symbol of an old Zeiss Ikon camera that Morten inherited from his father. 






Past Experience:

Front Desk Manager &
Property Management at a
Ski Resort in BC, Canada,





Business Consultant

Past Experience:

Wine Tour Administration

Central Reservations Manager at a Ski Resort in BC, Canada

Sales - Print Media

Masters in International Business


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I’ve been wandering early and late
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