Mongkok Shopping

Shopping in Hong Kong

A day trip to the Markets in Mongkok

MTR to Mongkok

We are out on our own today. The bus leaves at the front of our building at The Peak on the hour and winds down the hill for about 15 minutes to the HSBC Bank building where our friend Leighton works. From here the MTR takes us from Central to Prince Edward Station.

Flower Market in Hong Kong

The city wakes up late we have been told and the flower market still had an early morning feel to it around noon. Things are moving at a lazy pace here and we enjoyed the sun and stopped to smell the roses. Instead of having many different shops in one area the markets in Hong Kong take up an entire city block or more. Meaning, all flower shops are in one area.


Bird Market in Hong Kong

The bird market was much less peaceful and we only spent only a few minutes wandering through. It was an interesting experience but the sight of thousands of live birds locked in cages and the smell that came with it made us rush through.

Camera Shops in Hong Kong

The camera stores on Sai Yeung Choi Street were calling my name and Sattu had suggested the Wing Shing Photo Supplies Co. As always I am contemplating a few changes to my camera bag and had a few questions answered by the staff at the store. With my nonexisting Cantonese and the staff's limited English skills, the exchanges were brief and mostly limited to the staff punching the sales prices into an old-style calculator for me to consider. When asked to see a product the reply was a resounding no. I enquired about a Fuji camera and they did have an all-plastic toy replica I could try and base my purchasing decision on. A younger member of the staff who spoke English gave really good service and was kind to show me a travel tripod I am considering. I will be looking for him when I go back. 


The Wing Shing Photo Supplies Co. camera store in Mongkok Hong Kong


Fa Yuen Street Market

Diana loved the Ladies market along Fa Yeun Street and I took more photos and grabbed a quick sound file along the way. There is an unbelievable amount of merchandise here. Most of which I have no interest in but equally impressive none the less. 


As we are going to the Museum of History today I am sure we will learn more about how and why these markets have come to be. Why are all the flower stores on the same street, shoe stores on another and goldfish on a third? The goldfish market was our last stop in Mongkok and it was fascinating to see the crowds lined up to buy fish displayed in small bags on the wall. Countless stores are lined up here selling aquariums and every possible accessory.


Photo Gallery with Travel Photos from Mong Kok in Hong Kong


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