2 Days in Prague

What To Do In Prague in 2 Days

Updated, August 2019

After an amazing month in The United Arab Emirates, it was time to move on. Yesterday we decided to walk from the metro station to terminal 2 at Dubai Airport. It was about a half-hour walk and very hot. By the time we reached the terminal, we were drenched in sweat. In contrast to this, we woke up at our hotel this morning in Prague and it was snowing outside.

Waking up to a cold snowy morning in Prague

Waking up to a cold snowy morning in Prague


Where To Stay in Prague

We are staying at the Hotel Monastery, which is located in the hills above Prague adjacent to the Castle. This is indeed an old monastery and is full of character. We have a view of the city and the breakfast buffet is to die for. We paid CAD$ 64.00 per night, booked with Expedia and can warmly recommend it.

Prague Itinerary, Day 1

Instead of layers of sunscreen, we turned to layers of clothing in order to stay warm. The colder weather was refreshing but the rain, unfortunately, persisted throughout the day. We set out on foot to explore the city with no clear goals other than to take in the atmosphere and get a feel for the city. As the Hotel Monastery is located above the city it made for a fairly long walk, first down the hill in the morning and of course late afternoon uphill. We marvelled at the red trams, the architecture, and Prague is wonderful for street photography, especially on a rainy day. We enjoyed a wonderful smorgasbord lunch in a small diner and walked as far as our legs agreed to before we headed up the hill again.

We were both in Prague back in the early eighties. I do not remember much from this trip until this evening where I enjoyed a pint of beer with dinner. The taste seemed very familiar.


A rainy day in Prague made a great day of street photography


Prague Itinerary, Day 2

From sun to overcast, snow to hail and then sunny again - the weather story for today. How could we ask for more? We had it all here.

Prague Highlights

We started our day walking around the castle and then headed down the hill to Old Prague. First point of interest was the Lennon wall near Charles Bridge. A young student played Lennon tunes and set the atmosphere. We crossed the river and found a trendy lunch spot which I do not recall the name of. Lunch was super by the way. Di had found a podcast for a walking tour with Rick Steves, which started from the National Museum and took us through Wenceslas Square, the Lucerna Arcade, the Franciscan Garden, Na Prikope Street, the Municipal House, the Powder Tower, Celetna Street, the Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, Karlova Street and last but not least the Charles Bridge. I only listened in now and then but I could tell Di really enjoyed the podcast, which was spiced up with classical music at just the right times. 


Di is completely dwarfed by the Prague Castle


Although we have only had a couple of days here we have really enjoyed ourselves. The food is great and reasonably priced. It was surprising to see the number of tourist here for this time of year. Not that it bothered us but come summer time Prague must be buzzin'.

Tomorrow we are on our way again. We fly to Toulouse via Brussels. Our destination is Bourlogne-sur-Gesse


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