Boat Trip on The River Thames

24 Hours on the River Thames. Boating from Maidenhead to Marlow

Updated: October 2019

Reunited with old mate Simon

It was another; "We haven't seen each other in 23 years moment" when we met Simon at the Maidenhead Station West of London. We have known Simon for thirty years. We met when we all worked together at Silver Star Mountain in Canada for the 1986/87 ski season. Back then, The Bunkhouse (now The Pinnacles), was a slope-side inn with a small restaurant and bar. We spent a lot of time together that winter, the Dane, the Canadian and the crazy Kiwi. 


Ready for a day of boating on the River Thames with Simon


Simon visited us in Denmark and we visited him in London back in the late eighties and early nineties but we had since lost touch. Thanks to Facebook, Simon found out about our travels he was quick to extend an invite. As luck and timing would have it he was planning a boat trip down the River Thames on the Sunday. Yes - we would love to boat on the Thames. 

Living on a Boat for 24 Hours

Little did we know, Simon actually lives on his boat, a 37" motorboat which sleeps nine. As we left North London in the pouring rain, our expectations for a pleasant day on the river were low. Our outlook changed upon seeing Simon's smiling face and the clearing skies. Simon's girlfriend Rachel and friend Xena joined us for the day. There was an instant connection and as the saying goes, it did not feel as if any time had passed since we last hung out.


Which way should we go?


Life on the boat was not too shabby. We had wonderful food, a few drinks, many laughs, and amazing scenery. For Di and I, it was an adventure going through the locks and learning the ropes. At our destination, we stopped for fuel and a beer or two at The Bounty Pub. Apparently you can not drive to this pub and the atmosphere was out this world cozy. It was fantastic to meet Rachel, Xena and to reconnect with Simon. We shook hands, hugged and agreed we should not let twenty-some years go by before we meet again. Thank you, Simon, for a memorable 24 hours.

Photo Gallery. Travel Photography from Boating on The Thames River

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