Sweden Road Trip

2-day Road Trip in Southern Sweden

Visiting Skåne and Malmö

It is astounding what you can see and do in 36 hours when you put your mind to it. The Øresund Bridge opened in the year 2000, linking Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden. Forty-five minutes after departing Copenhagen, and we could finally increase our country count by one.


The Swedish flag waving in a cozy backyard in the town of Ystad along the Swedish South Coast


What is Sweden famous for

Delighted to be exploring new territory we pointed about everything Swedish we saw or remembered. The hundreds of Volvos on the road, the Ikea sign right after the bridge, the Danish-Swedish TV series, “Broen”, where the opening scene takes place at the border in the middle of the Øresund Bridge. We talked about Abba songs and spotted a group of roller skiers. We followed the coastline and were on our way to the Beach at Skanör.


Our 2-day road trip in the south of Sweden. Skåne. Click for a larger view.


Places to visit in Sweden

We had very little planned for our Swedish getaway but quickly researched interesting places to stop along the south coast and for our drive back to Copenhagen via Malmö. These were our highlights.

Skanör Beach


This must be why most Swedes seem super fit! Fitness workout on the beach in Skanör.


Skanör and Falsterbo on the Swedish South West Coast

It was about an hour and a half from The Øresund Bridge to Skanör - Falsterbo. The roads were good and it was an easy drive. We were happy to be on the road again. Our summer 2018 trip had been delayed for a month as Di ended up in the hospital for a week with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. After a week in the hospital, we took three weeks for her to fully recover. The sight of the small town on the Swedish West Coast brought smiles to our faces. It was nice to finally travel again. We drove straight to the harbor and beach area. Skanör is right on the Sea of Øresund.


The photo is black and white but it was the clearest and warmest water imaginable, and the bluest of skies. And it's Sweden - who knew!


The weather was superb and we decided to park for a couple of hours to explore. We parked by the Skanör Boat Club and marveled at the many sailboats but quickly ventured on to the beach. When planning a road trip the danger can often be to cram in too much into one day. Skanör was one of those surprise locations we had never heard of before but we could easily have stayed here for a few days. The sandy beach was absolutely superb and so was the weather. We stuck our feet in the water and walked for a while along the coast. Admired the tiny colorful beach houses but then it was time to move on.


Tiny beach houses in Skanör.


Ystad Sweden


We are big fans of the Swedish TV crime series, Wallander. It is set and was filmed in and around the city of Ystad, on the southern coast of Sweden.


Ystad - Quaint town on the South Coast of Sweden

The drive from Skanör to Ystad is about 3 and a half hours along the south coast of Sweden. On this stretch, you drive through dozens of smaller towns, many of them catering to summer tourism due to the perfect location along the sea. Traffic does not move as fast here but it okay, as there is plenty to feast your eye at along this route. Campsites, small supermarkets selling ice cream, holiday apartments, beach access roads, people headed for the beach and lots of trees along the road. We drove straight for the center of Ystad and parked the car near the main square. Ystad is quaint and immaculate. The brick buildings have every imaginable color combinations and I spent some time walking along the cobbled streets while Diana was shopping in the center of town. We enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk café where would take in the atmosphere on this stellar summer day.


Swedish Stonehenge


A tourist hot spot along the south coast, Kåseberga Ales stenar at Kåseberga is one of Skåne's most popular attractions. Ales stones consist of 59 large boulders, standing in a 67 meters long and 19 meters wide ship-like formation. Using carbon dating, it is estimated the stones were placed about 1400 years ago at the end of the Nordic Iron Age. An impressive site where sea, earth, and sky meet.


Kåseberga - Swedish Stonehenge and fishing village

Another hour in the car from Ystad and we arrived at Kåseberga. Admittedly we did not know about this gem until we turned off the highway. We spotted dozens of paragliders from a distance and could see they were playing in the updraft wind by the tall bluffs. The photographer in me had to take a closer look. As it happened Kåseberga is a tourist hot spot in Skåne with Sweden's Stonehenge from the iron age; 59 large boulders, standing in a 67 meters long and 19 meters wide ship-like formation.


Several paragliders took advantage of perfect conditions at Kåseberga.


Morten fleeing the crowds at Kåseberga.


The boulders were a short hike from the parking lot. The plateau was windswept and packed with tourists. I was a great added bonus and I snapped a few photos of the paragliders also. We walked into the small village of Kåseberga and gave in to the temptations and had ice cream in the sun.


Maritime theme in Kåseberga.




We stopped for a swim in Simrishamn and later for dinner in Kivik, followed by a quick stroll. Lots of families cooling off by the water.


Simrishamn Swim and Kivik Dinner

We continued our drive along the coast and picked a route to Brosarp via Simrishamn and Kivik. By the time we reached Simishamn, we were highly due for a swim. We had a few GPS navigation issues but finally found a place where we could access a beach. We rested on the beach for a while and had a refreshing swim. The drive to Kivik was stunning in the early August evening low sunlight. Again we drove through small communities with an endless number of cute cottages. We settled for a fish and chips restaurant on the harbor front for dinner in Kivik. It was one of those beautiful summer evenings with no wind to speak of and we pinched our selves and made sure to enjoy it.


A photo for my good friend Hooley Dooley. I am sure you'd enjoy this Dooley. 0.5L of Swedish nonalcoholic Silla (=herring) beer to go with our choice of dinner, fried herring, and salad for Di and fish and chips for me.




Astrid Lindgren country - soft light and winding roads en route to our Airbnb i Brösarp.


Airbnb Skåne

We opted for an affordable and very basic Airbnb in Brösarp, the Old Doctor's Annex. A few things surprised us about the old doctor’s annex. The shower was in the adjacent building and we had to make the beds, and then strip the beds in the morning, and vacuum before checkout, or risk additional fees. Come to think of it, we also did all the work booking it online. All kidding aside, we slept well and the host was super friendly and offered plenty of advice on what to see in a region he was clearly very proud of.


Brösarp Airbnb, the Old Doctor's Annex.


The Hills of Brosarp

The Hills of Brosarp, or in Swedish, Brösarp Backar is the gorgeous terrain surrounding Brosarp with hills, trees, and trails in abundance. We arrived in Brosarp at the golden hour and as a photographer this means you drop everything and grab the camera. I did just that. Despite the fact that we had been on the road for the entire day I went out to explore after we checked in to our Airbnb.




Hallmölla is the largest waterfall in Skåne, and with a height of 23 meters, the tourist pamphlet photos looked impressive. It was perhaps not quite as majestic this very dry and hot summer. The 23 meters appears to be the total drop of 4-5 smaller falls.


Hallmölla Waterfall

The local bakery in Brosarp was recommended to us for a hearty breakfast buffet. A perfect start to the day. The weather on this second day of our Sweden road trip proved to be every bit as good as on the first and we started out with a hike in the hills of Brosarp. Hallmölla was our next destination a half hour drive from Brosarp. Hallmölla is the site of the largest waterfall in Skåne but we are sorry to relay the message; it wasn't much of a waterfall compared to what we are used to in Canada. It took a little while to find it and when we arrived we still weren't sure we were in the right location. With that said, we still enjoyed Hallmölla. We cooled off by the creek and I captured a few frames.


Di had a quick siesta on the rocks as I fiddled with ND filters, tripod, and long exposures. At 28 ℃ the shade, rocks, and water were cool and soothing.




Our choice of music on the drive to Malmö was Bo Kaspers Orkester and Lisa Nilsson, a couple of our favourite Swedish artists.


Exploring central Malmö

After our hike and visit to the waterfall in Hallmölla we were ready for the final stretch of our road trip. We had only booked one night and knew we needed to be back in Copenhagen by the end of the day. But first, we wanted to make a stop in Malmö. Because of our early start to the day, we still had time despite the four-hour drive to reach Malmö. Traffic was light and we put on some good tunes and spent the time in the car planning our Europe trip, which was to start two weeks later. Parking is always a challenge in cities and Malmö was no exception on a busy summer day. We settled on a parkade near the center. It was a bit further away from the action than we had anticipated but it made little difference as we merely wanted to take in the atmosphere of the city. For lunch, we picked a pasta place which had seating in a cozy back yard. The service was good and the meal was okay but forgettable.


Malmö side street.


We spent most of the afternoon in the central Malmö. We were, however, more impressed with the sections of town we drove through. The city has an impressive road system, nice parks, and facilities. More to explore next time. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Stockholm trip but with Emma moving to Copenhagen we should have an opportunity to visit in the future.


Sweden wrap up

The days are long in Scandinavia in the summertime. At the beginning of August, in Malmö, the sun sets at 9:14 pm. This fact gave us plenty of time to explore so many things in just two days. Prices are perhaps a bit higher than what we are accustomed to in Canada but after spending a month in Denmark it wasn't hugely different. The Scandinavian countries are known as being expensive for travellers. We come away with an increased appetite to travel more in Sweden. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip to Stockholm this year but we could definitely see our selves going there sometime in the future. We still had daylight as we rolled into Copenhagen happy with our choice to go to Sweden for a couple of days.


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