Things To Do in Rovinj

A Week in Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

Updated, October 2019

Along the west coast of the Istrian Penninsula on the Adriatic Sea you will find the quaint and cozy town of Rovinj. The Old Town with its cobblestone streets, markets, restaurants, and cafés has a welcoming atmosphere. The area offers a myriad of activities, dining or relaxing at the beaches. We spent a week in this little gem of a town during a workaway stay.


Diana, Chris and Katie exploring Rovinj by bike.


Flying to Pula International Airport

Ryan Air from Brussels to Pula, Croatia. Another first for us. Welcome to super discount airlines. It was an experience. Not devastating but certainly interesting. Everything comes at an extra cost including the lottery ticket we were offered inflight. 

Car Rental in Rovinj

A red VW Up was our rental for the week, booked with Expedia at CAD$ 135.00 for a week. Please note our usual insurance coverage via MasterCard did not work here and we had to pay an additional fee. I do not have the exact amount but it came close to the actual rental cost. This has been the only country so far on our trip where this has been an issue. Using our GPS, we found our hosts at the Five Elements Retreat Centre in Rovinj about 45 minutes away from the airport. We had not expected the super modern highways. We received a warm welcome from Christopher and Katie, two other workawayers and Marin & Natali, our hosts. 


Harbour front in Old Town Rovinj


Airbnb in Rovinj

The plan was to stay with the Five Elements gang for a week of cultural exchange and to help with a project for next season. Marin and Natali showed us the area and we were privileged to try a variety of activities including windsurfing, biking, kayaking, hiking and yoga. We were treated to tasty Croatian specialties and in turn each of us workawayers shared our talents and passions. Chris is a videographer, Katie a graphic designer and I, take one guess, captured a few images. Di helped with strategic planning and proof reading of a book project. We made a great team.   


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Things To Do in Rovinj

Explore Rovinj Old Town

Wandering the narrow streets with colourful houses, shops, and cafés is a must-do in Rovinj. With a population of just over 14,000, everything is small scale here and nothing seems to be over the top. We visited Rovinj late September in the off-season and the temperatures were hovering around a pleasant 20 degrees. Locals and tourists were milling around on the harbour front, in the Old Town, and at the market but it never felt crowded. With its towering steeple the church of St. Euphemia is located in the center on top of the hill.


Windsurfing in Rovinj

During our week with Five Elements Guesthouse in Rovinj, Croatia, Marin and Natali introduced us to windsurfing. To be more specific, Di was introduced to the sport. By the time it was my turn, the wind had completely died down. No problem as I still had plenty of fun in the kayak with the camera. Chris upfront with the video camera and me in the back. Staying with an outfit such as Five Elements Retreat center is a great idea as they provide access to all the equipment needed and you get to try a new sport. Nice wrap up to the day around the evening fire with sangria and a bit of drum and guitar.


Kayaking in Rovinj

A definite highlight from our week in Rovinj was our late afternoon / early evening sea kayaking trip to one of the islands off the coast. It was nerve-racking to bring all my camera gear along. Especially after Katie's kayak flipped 2 minutes in! We did have a dry bag and all the electronic gear - including Katie's iPhone - was securely stored inside. Once away from the shore and choppy waters, Di and I settled into a good rhythm and again marveled at the path we are on. After arriving at the island and a short hike we found at a rocky beach where we could enjoy the late afternoon sun and dive in from the cliffs. The warm salt water was invigorating. Chris kept asking for one more dive as he was filming me from all angles with his Go-Pro. Make sure to check Chris’ video below. The shadows were drawing closer as we made our way back to the kayaks and set out for the mainland. As we paddled back to shore we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset.


Hiking in Rovinj

There is a fjord near Rovinj which bears a name remarkably similar to the name of the body of water near my home town of Lemvig Denmark. Here in Croatia, the fjord is called the Lim Fjord or Limski Fjord. The fjord in my hometown is Limfjorden. According to Wikipedia, neither of them are actually fjords but that may be too technical for this post. Before enjoying the views at the Lim Fjord we hiked/bushwacked our way to a couple of caves hidden in the hills.


Yoga Retreat in Rovinj

Based on the 5 great nature made elements, fire, water, air, earth and spirit you can do yoga, meditate and enjoy great food in Rovinj. At Five Elements Retreat Center they combine these with the other activities mentioned in this post.


Cycling in Rovinj

A bike trip around Rovinj wrapped up our week of adventures with Marin, Natali, Katie and Christopher. Biking along the perimeter of the city we saw many gems we wished we had explored earlier in the week. All the more reason to come back some day. Check out the Video below, created by Christopher Yu during our stay. You may catch a glimpse of the two of us.


Rovinj Wrap Up

Rovinj was a very pleasant surprise for us. Being part of a creative team at Five Elements Guesthouse made it all the more fun. We have been told the northern parts of Croatia is not as touristy as in the South with Dubrovnik being the major draw. We certainly felt a very relaxed vibe here. Thanks to Marin, Natali, Katie and Chris for another unforgettable adventure.

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