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York England

Updated, September 2019

England Road Trip

Not New York, not York Toronto but York, the original York in England. We are off on a ten day road trip of Northern England and Scotland. Heartfelt hugs where exchanged as we said our goodbyes to Lars and Muswell Hill. It was surprisingly easy to reconnect on a deeper level, although at times it was rather odd to realize we were conversing in English rather than Danish! Or a good mix of the two. Perhaps not as surprising given none of us have lived in Denmark for many years.  


Dusk at the River Ouse in York


In our mini survey, York was suggested multiple times thanks to Jill, Janette, Diane and John. Lars also spoke highly of the city so first stop York. We picked up a rental in Luton Airport and headed out along the A1 to The North as all the signs say. I took a few moments before heading out to adjust to the steering wheel on the right side, to driving on the left side of the road and not reaching for the gear shift on the door. To be honest, it took at least a couple of hours to feel comfortable behind the wheel and each morning I do a mental focus exercise before heading out.

Where To Stay in York

We rented an excellent Airbnb for our York stopover, the LoveYork, Vincent Room, City Centre, located just inside the historical walls. Everything about this Airbnb was top notch. We paid $CAD 60.00 and stayed one night.


York has more miles of intact wall than any other city in England. We only stayed in the city for about 18 hours but it is surprising how fast you can get a feel for a place; how much you can see and explore in such a short period of time on a couple of good walks.  


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Photo Gallery with Travel Photography from York England

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