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Møns Klint Denmark

Updated, August 2019

Day Trip From Copenhagen

Møns Klint is one of those places we have always wanted to visit but had never found the time. It is about as far away from my hometown of Lemvig as you can get and still be in Denmark. However, when your rental car is an Audi A3 and you are staying in Copenhagen, it is a viable day trip. The drive is about two hours. Public transit is also an option, first by to train Vordingborg and then a couple of bus rides. This takes about twice as long or just under 4 hours. Speaking of rental cars, I had never envisioned us renting a vehicle while in Denmark but we have found some awesome deals. Di is the master travel planner and often compares sites like Skyscanner and Expedia, entering multiple dates and length of rental until a deal emerges. We find the best rates are on rentals of 7 day increments and have discovered the rental car option provides us with a sense of stability and self-determination. This last rental was a free upgrade and I could very easily get used this car.


Møns Klint, the Cliffs of Møn, is a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea. Some of the cliffs fall a sheer 120 meters to the sea below. For more information, here is the link to the official Møns Klint site. For interactive learning make sure to check out the GeoCenter.

Driving to Møns Klint from Copenhagen

Depending on traffic allow yourself about 2 hours to drive from Copenhagen to Møns Klint. Take E47 south (four-lane freeway), then turn left at exit 41 onto Highway 59. Stay on 59 which turns into 287, till you hit Møns Klint. Pretty straight forward. The roads are in perfect conditions with lots of signage. Enjoy the scenery. Note, the drive is longer when travelling with a photographer. Once you hit the island of Møn, you will be treated to beautiful rolling hills and farm landscape.


Map - Copenhagen to Møns Klint

Rolling Hills Landscape on the island of Møn in Denmark


Hiking at Møns Klint

We arrived at noon and hiked the area for 3 hours. First along the top, which featured an amazing view of the Baltic Sea and the shoreline. Then we trekked down the 494 steps to the beach below. It was easy to appreciate this area, even in January. The forest was magical with winter’s low light coming in from the southwest. The 120-meter drop to the Baltic sea was dizzying and the green sea stood in sharp contrast to the white cliffs. An absolutely stunning and excellent experience. This is not the typical scenery you expect when visiting Denmark, the land of rolling hills.

On our way back to Copenhagen, we stopped at Café Frederik VII in Stege for a late coffee and classic Danish smørrebrød - open faced sandwiches. With the physical nature of the hike we had worked up an appetite.

We have been making a point of going for walks almost every day this past week. Now we are wondering if it will be enough or if Sharon and Leighton will punish us on hikes around The Peak in Hong Kong :) We will know soon enough. That is indeed where we are headed next. We fly out tomorrow. So long Denmark. It's been a fabulous holiday season. 


Photo Gallery with Travel Photography from Møns Klint Denmark

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