Back in Hong Kong

Black & White Photos in Hong Kong

I had promised Leighton an all monochrome post when we returned to Hong Kong. In fact, I may have promised all my Hong Kong photos would be black and white from this visit. This will be a hard promise to keep as Hong Kong is a very colourful place!

Our Second Visit to Hong Kong

It is good to be back. Temperatures in the low twenties and sun is a nice change from the -6 we left in Copenhagen, although the air was crisp and clear in Scandinavia. Winds are from the north so we have more smog than during our last visit in November 2015. Air pollution is blown in from Mainland China.

We know our way around and we easily found Sharon and Leighton's apartment in Cloudlands on the Peak. Time flies and we have already been out to watch Leighton's rugby game followed by a nice dinner at the jockey club. Rugby photos coming in a separate blog post. Leighton and I went for a Sunday hike around the Peak and Monday I made a quick trip downtown and captured many of the images in this first post from Hong Kong. We have also had a chance to reconnect with friends we met the last time we were here. ChingChing and Andreas arrived from London Sunday evening for a quick visit and last night Janette and Chris joined us for dinner. We feel very welcome here and it’s good to be back.

Photo Gallery with Street Photography from Hong Kong

The photos in this post are captured using a Fujifilm X-Pro2
Lenses -
XF 35mm f/1.4 R. The images are converted to black and white in Lightroom using the Acros film simulation from Fujifilm.


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