Day Trip to Shek O

Shek O Hong Kong

Updated, August 2019

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year. CNY for short, the year of the Rooster is upon us. 

The apartment is quiet as Sharon and Leighton have gone skiing at Silver Star Mountain while we are in Hong Kong; our worlds reversed. On Sunday a group of their friends came over, cooked a wonderful dinner and we were all hoping to see the fireworks from the balcony. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Muffled by a thick fog, we could hear the fireworks but could not see a thing. Still a super cozy evening. 


Here we are, at Prospect Point in Shek O, Hong Kong. Wondering what we are looking at? Check out the feature photo above :)


Day Trip to Shek O

Helen and Robert were kind enough to invite us to join them for a hike over CNY. Monday we set out for Shek O on Hong Kong Island's eastern coast. It took a couple of hours to get there from the Peak but it was well worthwhile. Away from the busy city we spent a few hours by the water, hiked the trails, (or walked leisurely as Sharon might comment), checked out the beach, enjoyed a nice lunch and wandered through the small village. Coffee, brownies and swapping travel stories back at Helen and Roberts place in Central was a perfect way to wrap up the day. 

Photo Gallery with Travel Photos from Shek O, Hong Kong

The photos in this post are captured using a Fujifilm X-Pro2
Lenses -
XF 35mm f/1.4 R and XF 14mm f/2.8 R. For some of the photos in this post, including the feature image, I have stitched several together using Lightroom.


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